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Only doing what you want to do and keeping it simple

Where are you going in life? What are you doing?

I used to be the biggest stickler for the ‘go out and get it attitude’ Success Success Success was all I cared about. Then I saw the limitations of that and became the extreme opposite of ‘lets just BE man’ Let’s just chill and connect to the universe. Then it felt like I didn’t get anything done and it was extremely frustrating to me!

So what is the answer?

The answer is that there is nothing that we have to do to at any time anywhere.

On top of that it’s what you want to do, its what you say your mission is.

Here’s the thing. We are so programmed by time and what we should be doing. The ‘what ifs’, the ‘musts’ the ‘shoulds’ that when we are doing nothing and essentially just ‘being’ we feel like we are being lazy. We are so conditioned by society that to be lazy is a ‘sin’ that it feels awful. It’s hard to get over that anxst feeling inside that makes us want to act inappropriately doing things that we don’t really want to so; in essence acting out of fear our whole lives.

So what I am about to say might sound dramatic but I believe it to be true.

NEVER DO ANYTHING TTHAT YOU DONT WANT TO. It sounds really simple but it is hard to live by!

Sure there are things that we need to do in life as part of our jobs and maintaining our livelihood that we need to and we need to just accept that we don’t like doing them. This will at least enable us to do them with a peaceful mind and who knows maybe even enjoy them.

But what I am talking about is where there is some element of choice and you are making your path. Never do anything out of fear, never do anything that you don’t want. Revel and enjoy your laziness, feel good that there is nothing you have to do! Take the burden off yourself. Then become extremely vigilant that you are only ever doing something because you enjoy it or it is challenging or that you want to do it. If it starts becoming a ‘chore’ again – STOP. Then restart when you have connected with the joy of doing it again or when it no longer feels like a chore. Or Don’t the choice is yours. If it doesn’t come again as an enjoyable option let it go. Don’t feel that because you have started something that you need to re start or continue it. Let it go.

Doing this will help you realise what you really like in life but you need patience to pull this off. BE PATIENT and realise that this is worth its while. Not just for your health but for your deepest happiness. To connect to source and feel the greatest joy of life.

So what is going to stop you from doing this?

1)Addiction to time

2)Feeling like you are not worthwhile.

We are all addicted to time. The funny thing is is that time doesn’t even exist but yet we rule our life by it. When the urge to act out of fear or social pressure reigns down on us (which it surely will) just observe time in any way that makes sense to you. Just observe time. Nothing more – observe it. Then keep observing time and observe the horrible feeling to act within to do something that you don’t really want to do. Keep observing all this. Everytime this comes up keep observing it.

Then ask this simple question

What do I REALLY want to do?

Then connect to the deepest part of yourself that you know, the stillest part and decide and act from that place. Keep doing this all the time and eventually you will find that life will become fun again. Life was definitely meant to be fun and not serious. Why would you have come down otherwise.

So once you have been observing time for a while (or at least keeping this in your awareness) and asking this question and flowing there may come a time where you stop what you are doing and realise that life was meant to be connected to this deep place, that life is special and that we are all special. We are all love.

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