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Please read the four payment options below to choose which is appropriate. To book fill in the form below and click ‘Continue to PayPal’ to make payment through PayPal (No PayPal account needed!).

Six-session lifetime change programme

This is a programme that is designed to take you out of anxiety, pain and negative emotion to a place of love and mindful living. It also shows you exactly how to create your dream future through goal setting and the Law of attraction. In short it takes you out of pain and into love and the life you desire. This is often a programme that is great for people finding their true purpose in life and breaking through fear in order to find it. Also, business people that want to take their company or business success to the next level. It can help business people specifically who want to serve the wider community, but at the moment are unsure of how to progress. The price of the six-session programme is £600.

One-off introductory session

This is a one-time introductory session at a reduced rate because it is the first session where we get to know you and your condition. After this has been booked, you can then order as many sessions as you require at a time at the normal session rate, see below. This may also be for people that have not decided on a programme and just want to try my services to see how they may benefit. This is priced at a massively reduced £65 to give you an idea whether my services may be suitable for you. These sessions can really help you find your centre and end your current confusion, making the path forward clear. They can also help with stress relief or simple relaxation. Please come to these sessions with any challenge and an open mind.

Individual sessions

These are sessions that can be booked individually, or in any number that you require them in. These can be for people that maybe require more healing services and only need a finite amount of sessions to cure, or help their condition or pain. Some people book on these because they are suffering from work-related stress, or have specific challenge they want to overcome. For anxiety-related conditions, large challenges, or to create a new life/find your true purpose I recommend the six-session programme. The individual sessions are priced at £105 per session. Please note that any sessions in which people are late will not be re-scheduled or refunded. This is unfortunately due to many people not being prompt for sessions or preparing in advance (for example like arranging Skype or zoom connections). Anyone who is late for a session will only get to the end of their allotted time period. Thanks for understanding this.

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