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The six session Lifetime Change Programme:

Are you ready to change and reach your absolute unlimited and fullest potential?

If so, the six session lifetime change programme will help you get unlimited results!

Hi, my name is Mark Williams and I offer much more than just Reiki healing! I offer full wellness and success packages that help you discover who you are inside once again. There is value coming for one session of Life Coaching or Reiki, BUT real change comes from a proven plan and guidance. This is why  this programme brings together the very best of Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Mindfulness as a powerful combination. The 6 session-lifetime change programme will get to the very heart of all your current challenges, helping you discover the present moment and the love you have within.

This is what the six session lifetime change programme consists of:

Week 1 – Reiki healing

Week 2 – Neuro-linguistic Programming and obstacle removal

Week 3 + 4 – Mindfulness training

Week 5 – Goal setting

Week 6 – Implementing your goals for success

Sessions may and will vary according to the individual and the needs and wants of the individual, although the basic structure will generally be followed. 

What else will you get as part of the lifetime change 6 session programme?

Many people will gain many different things depending on what your goals and commitment were before the session. Yes there will be times of relaxation, but you will need to really commit to get the most out of the programme. That being said there are some common things that most people will get out of the lifetime change six session programme. These are:

  1. Feeling of relaxation and release
  2. Feelings of accomplishment
  3. Feelings of knowing who you are deep inside
  4. Feelings of inspiration and breakthrough

More than anything you will gain a sense of being fully immersed in the present moment with a connection to your heart. This comes from becoming fully re-connected with the real you again.

My guarantee is that clients always get what they need and will go back into the world with a smile on their face knowing their path ahead. 

Why is the programme six sessions?

This is the amount to not only identify and remove core root blockages, but also create and move towards your own ideal future. I also offer 10 and 20 session life change programmes and also tailored programmes for individuals and businesses – please get in touch to discuss either of these. I specialize in anxiety disorders, but in the 6,10 and 20 session programmes I can not only help remove emotional difficulties, illnesses and energy blocks, but also can create profound momentum towards a compelling future.

The more you put into the sessions the more you will get out of it. The higher your level of commitment in the sessions the greater the change will be. YOU decide the level of change you want.

Please recommend a friend, or forward this link to someone who may benefit.

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