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What my customers are saying…

I was blew away when Mark did my first Reiki session...

I went ahead with Marks six session program and found exactly what I had been looking for. Mark not only blew away when I did my first reiki session but is also incredibly generous and is deeply committed to helping others using his experience with spiritual and personal development practices. He speaks openly and honestly ensuring you leave feeling more empowered than you felt going in. I still refer back to the sessions we had that I have recorded on my phone. I have recommended Mark to several people and would do to anyone looking for a mentor or someone to guide them through life. Whether you want to focus on spirituality, self love, goal setting or mindfulness. Thanks Mark.

-Freddie Smith-Wright-

He helped me get rid of a lot of past problems which I had held onto for years..

On entering the building for my appointment with Mark I found it to be a very relaxing experience with the soft carpet and the lovely waterfall.

I was offered a drink and Mark spent a few minutes getting to know me to get comfortable. I had two sessions with Mark which I found very beneficial and very healing.

He helped me get rid of a lot of past problems which I had held onto for many years.I found Mark to be a very polite and caring person and have passed his details onto friends and family.

Would recommend anyone suffering with similar issues.

Thank you Mark. Best wishes, Elizabeth

Adelaide Lewington Designer – Skipton

The feedback we received was 'excellent'...

Testimonial from a happy client, through BNI business networking group:

‘We recently had cause to recommend you to one of our clients and the feedback we received was excellent. You really did ”Make a difference”, from the initial communication through to the session, the attention you gave our client was exceptional.

I will absolutely recommend you without hesitation to all my clients, family and friends who may be in need of your services.’

Yours sincerely,

David Harris of David Harris real Estate

Mark diagnosed the nature of the problem straight away when mainstream medicine could not...

‘I asked Mark Williams for advice as I was suffering from persistent upper right quadrant pain and had been for two years. Mainstream medicine could not find anything wrong and I underwent various scans of one description or another all with no result. I felt that doctors were wondering whether I was making it up about the pain and I felt very misunderstood which is why I approached Mark.

Mark was wonderful , not only in understanding of the problem but also in the way that he dealt with me.

Firstly Mark was very interested in my symptoms and took me seriously. I felt that, at last, I was speaking to someone who knew what I was talking about and was taking the time to get to the bottom of it. He was also sympathetic.

Secondly Mark diagnosed the nature of the problem straight away which was the presence of gallstones in the gallbladder and also the liver and that I had a weak digestion. Everything Mark said about the diagnosis was spot on.

Thirdly, Mark very quickly gave me a solution to the problem which was an assortment of behavioural and dietary changes – again spot on. He also not only recommended liver flushes but gave advice as to how to maximize their effectiveness.

Fourthly, Mark offered to treat me personally and made himself immediately available. As well as writing to me with advice as to how to solve things Mark called me and advised me in detail about the way forward.

Fifthly – Mark gave me some excellent references and links to videos to assist me which have come in very useful.

I felt that Mark has not only taken a hands on approach to treating me but also had done his best to assist me remotely when I was unable to travel to see him.

Carol Macrae-Todd – Lawyer

The session helped me to release anxieties...

I had 2 sessions with Mark. My curiosity in his work came about when I experienced some work place stresses. Mark listened carefully to my concerns and using Reiki focused on my shoulders, neck and throat. The sessions helped to release certain anxieties and the Reiki released blockages in my throat that made me able to communicate in a clearer, more confident and firm manner. Both professionally and personally. Mark also provided me with throat exercises to do at home in my own time. The sessions were held in comfortable surroundings and Mark was very welcoming, knowledgeable and kind. I’m really pleased to have experienced it. Thank you.

Nathanya – Behaviour support worker

I cannot recommend Mark Williams enough...

Mark Williams created a Mark Williams Reiki Healer competition on 28th November offering a free Reiki taster session for the first person to comment, and being the first to do so, I won this amazing prize. I’d been struggling with some work issues and found myself in a negative cycle which started to have a detrimental impact on my wellbeing. Mark was warm and welcoming during the consultation where he asked various poignant questions surrounding my current situation. During the initial start to the healing I found I was conscious of my breathing and unable to relax however after a short while I was able to use my breathing as a way to unwind. At points I could feel the energy and pressure on my body which was unexplainable as there isn’t any contact. There was a point where I was overwhelmed with a surge of energy as it travelled through my body and I began to feel free from some of those struggles. My advice would be to anyone considering this treatment to be as honest and open as you can to help support Mark in his healing. I cannot recommend Mark Williams enough. *****
Mark Edward Ford – Graphic Designer at Shared Space

My hip pain vanished...

As an independent businesswoman, trying to juggle running a growing company, busy family life and a year of illness life had become challenging.

When you offered a free taster session of Reiki and mindfulness I decided to find some ‘me’ time.

My session with you was amazingly calm and allowed me to totally rethink and refocus on my life in a positive manner. I have also really appreciated your encouraging follow up messages which have kept me on track.

During the Reiki session you identified an ongoing problem I had been experiencing with hip pain and that night i was able to sleep comfortably for the first time in weeks and have been pain free ever since. I don’t know how you do it but I am real fan of Reiki now.

You have a special gift and a wonderful way of caring for your clients and I would encourage everyone to make time to experience a session with you.

I look forward to working together helping my bereaved families in the future.

Many thanks,

Karen Fisher DipFD of Fisher Funerals, Chapel Allerton

A remarkable young man with a gift of healing...

Mark is a remarkable young man with a real gift of healing. As soon as you meet him, you will notice something different about him. He lives his life and deals with people in a slow, considered manner that might feel a little unusual at first, as we are all so busy running from one thing to another. His pace felt disconcertingly slow but intriguing and interesting at the same time.
I had several Reiki coaching sessions with him and was amazed at the profound sensations I had in my body during treatment. I felt afterwards that a part of me was open where I had been closed before. I felt much more peaceful and whole.
As I got to know him, I realised he absolutely practices what he preaches, hence his slowed down, heart-centred energy. I would not hesitate to recommend him and do so regularly!
Debbie Shaw – manager of Broadgate Chropractic and wellbeing space

I was even laughing afterwards...

I found Mark’s reiki treatment very beneficial. I hadn’t come in with a specific intention but afterwards I realised I was clearing a lot of family stuff. Before the session started, I felt very depleted and down but afterwards, I noticed significant changes in my energy and was even laughing afterwards. I definitely felt lighter in my being and when I was with my family after that session, I felt lighter in myself and like I had cleared blockages I had around them. Mark is calm, patient and attentive and find him to be a very trustworthy individual who feels a sense of service to others. He keeps an open mind and tunes into you as an individual. I would recommend him if you are wanting to clear some energy blockages.

Kate Alexandra Priestley – Visionary Artist

The treatment I had was powerful and profound...

I had a reiki session with Mark yesterday : I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for some energy healing and spiritual guidance. The treatment I received was powerful and profound. Mark has a great intuition and the ability to work with energy quickly and effectively, he also takes the time to share some light and clarity to help the person move forward from the experience positively and with a greater sense of wellbeing. I will definitely be coming back for another session!

Kirsty Marie-Elliott – Professional Masseuse, Reflexologist, and Aromatherapist

I felt invigorated and focused...

As with all alternative therapies, you’re never quite sure what to expect when visiting a new practitioner. But after a taster session and with an open mind, I booked an hour with Mark.

His observations after the Reiki were very astute. He made me feel very relaxed and at ease and gave me great advice about how best to use my energy to tap into my individual qualities.

After the session I felt invigorated and focused and much clearer on what I needed to do for both my wellbeing and my business.

He has an uncanny knack of being able to read things about you, that even you are not aware of and bring them to the forefront.

Thank you Mark, I’ll be back.

Frances Day of The Marketing Doctor and The Bird Board

A natural healer

I recently had my first Reiki Healing session with Mark and would definitely recommend that anyone considering not delay. After regularly attending Mark’s Spiritual Seekers Meditation group I felt a comforting connection and trust in his abilities. He is a natural healer, with deep empathy and compassion for all. Since having just one session I am feeling much more balanced and can honestly say the positive effects began immediately.

Mark dedicates the moment and his focus to your healing, leaving you feeling completely confident in the process. Weeks later I can still sense the subtle yet powerful shift in my overall feeling of wellbeing that Mark’s Healing provides. From one Healer to another, I am grateful for what you do:) We are blessed!

Rachael Charlotte Ramshaw – Angelic Reiki Practitioner

This was different

Had a recent Reiki Healing from Mark. Have had Reiki before and it didn’t do a lot for me. This was different. Wonderful energy and feeling of having been purified at the end. Next day I had a success in an area where I had previously had no confidence. I know that having had energy blockages cleared, I acted differently and was freed up to be at my best. I’ve felt different and better since. Thank you Mark.

Heather Summers – Business and Training consultant

I did not expect to feel what I did

I booked in for one of Marks free Reiki sessions and what I experienced was incredible. I have had reiki once before from another source – but didn’t experience anything like what I did with Mark. After several years of suffering with anxiety and battling with certain aspects of my life, I have tried all sorts to alleviate the pain. Whilst having the healing with Mark I could literally feel the blockages of energy he was pulling through. Working around all my body I could feel the heat and in certain area of my body him pulling out the energy which made me twitch somewhat!! In certain areas I felt overwhelmed and quite emotional. I did not expect to feel what I did, and afterwards he told me what he sensed from my different chakras – about my life – couldn’t believe how accurate he was! Afterwards, I felt a lot clearer as to what I need to do next. It’s definitely something I need to do regularly, in fact I’m seeing him again tonight! I would highly recommend Mark to anyone.

Jade Handley

Definitely worthwhile!

I went for a Reiki healing with Mark a few days ago. Let’s just say I hadn’t had the best of days and I guess I was a little nervous about it. I had some idea maybe what to expect but I don’t think I expected it to be quite as powerful as it was. I could feel various energies during the healing and I knew that something worthwhile was taken place. At the end of the session, Mark said a few things that he had picked up during the healing, which were very accurate, some of which he could not have otherwise known. The result of which I have been able to open my heart a little bit more on this journey of life. Offering a free session is very generous and I intend to pay for another session at some point – definitely worthwhile! Mark is very tuned in to the energy side of things and offers an excellent healing which is worth having.

Andy Bowker

I would recommend Mark for his skill and professionalism

I experienced a Reiki session with Mark last week which went very well. I have not experienced reiki before but have experience of energy through meditation, and it is clear that Mark has a very intense and focused presence. It takes a lot of experience and care to develop the level of intuition and awareness which Mark brought to the session, which allowed me to go deeper into my own awareness. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience, and I would recommend Mark for his skill and professionalism.

Sam Sykes – Experienced Massage therapist, Body work therapist and Rolfer

Finely tuned wisdom

Thank you Mark for a wonderful Reiki healing session. I was aware of your finely tuned wisdom which was very helpful. You are a man of wisdom! 🙂 I would recommend anyone to you for a Reiki healing x.

Susan Laing – Iridolologist and Nutritionist

Thanks to you Mark

I had my first reiki healing session today and feel good, I know more about my body and how to help myself heal thanks to you Mark. I am looking forward to my next session thank you again much love.

Makaila Green


Distance healing – yummy – well done Mark as sending it to a Rieki master must have been daunting! more practice me thinks though ON ME lol.x

Debra Audin-Bridle

Really helpful

Thank you for my Reiki session! Really helpful and some great advice that really makes sense! Xxxx.

Sophie Delanie Jazmin

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