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  • Spiritual Life Purpose – Please like my facebook page that gives lots of great practical advice on how to feel happy and be one’s best in life.
  • You Tube – Spiritual Life Purpose This is my You tube channel.
  • Twitter for Spiritual Life Purpose – Please Follow me on Twitter for excellent healing advice, spiritual advice and community linking to make the world a better place starting with yourself!
  • Leeds For Change – A brand new hub website that I volunteer for that connects all tertiary sector groups in Leeds onto one convenient ‘hub’ for Connecting, meeting, blogging, resource sharing and all sorts. If you have any ‘links’ you would like to make with me please get in touch.
  • Doing good leeds – a site to find out all the good causes you can get involved in Leeds
  • Best volunteer site in Leeds


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Ways to get into the heart

If there’s one thing that helps us become present it’s coming into contact with your heart. In simple terms this means knowing the heart. How can we feel the most powerful energy in the universe? How can we feel this source of creation and ultimate knowing in every moment? There is no right answer to this. There is only finding

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