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Hi my name is Mark Williams and I am a Life Coach and Reiki healer who practices mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP – the science of success. What do I help with? I help with 1) Clearing Anxiety 2) Removing pain 3) Helping you find your true life purpose and fulfill your goals. How do I do this? Although I use many techniques, the essence of my work is helping you find the love deep inside you.

Please let me tell you my story:

Ever since I was very little I have had this profound feeling that there was more meaning to life than what I was seeing every day in the world around me. I also felt that I could be, or grow to be more than what I felt (or what the world seemed to be telling me!). I could sense that there was a mystery to life waiting to be unfolded to me. However, as we all know, life doesn’t always reveal itself to you in full splendour. For most of us we stumble, fall, trip and fall flat before we ever learn to discover who we are.

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I was blew away when Mark did my first Reiki session...

I went ahead with Marks six session program and found exactly what I had been looking for. Mark not only blew away when I did my first reiki session but is also incredibly generous and is deeply committed to helping others using his experience with spiritual and personal development practices. He speaks openly and honestly ensuring you leave feeling more

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Ways to get into the heart

If there’s one thing that helps us become present it’s coming into contact with your heart. In simple terms this means knowing the heart. How can we feel the most powerful energy in the universe? How can we feel this source of creation and ultimate knowing in every moment? There is no right answer to this. There is only finding

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