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Definitely worthwhile!

I went for a Reiki healing with Mark a few days ago. Let’s just say I hadn’t had the best of days and I guess I was a little nervous about it. I had some idea maybe what to expect but I don’t think I expected it to be quite as powerful as it was. I could feel various energies during the healing and I knew that something worthwhile was taken place. At the end of the session, Mark said a few things that he had picked up during the healing, which were very accurate, some of which he could not have otherwise known. The result of which I have been able to open my heart a little bit more on this journey of life. Offering a free session is very generous and I intend to pay for another session at some point – definitely worthwhile! Mark is very tuned in to the energy side of things and offers an excellent healing which is worth having.

Andy Bowker

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