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Being honest with things!

I feel as though I am moving through something at the moment. I am not entirely sure what it is but things continue to dawn on me as the picture starts to become a little bit clearer bit by bit. I believe that we as human beings are emotional things and we need to really accept and allow anything to come forth from the depths of our consiousness and be expressed on this physical plane.

What does that mean?

It means that we can give ourselves permission to shout, scream, be totally uncool and appear to ‘blow it all’ from the perspective of outside people. It means that we can be devishlingly honest with other people even if they dont like what it is that we have to say. Know that things only appear broken and in reality it is impossible for things to be broken. Being alone is impossible too. We can always sense other peoples hearts no matter what are current relationship may be like with them and no matter how far from us they may be in distance. Even if our relationships appears in tatters and unfixable. Keep feeling your heart and keep feeling theres. If you do this you will never feeel alone. You will only ever feel love. Love is the key to battle feelings of lack, isolation, lonliness and fear. But dont just take my word for it – do it! Put it to the test. The next time you have a negative thought about someone and start blaming them for how they have not made you happy yet then do the following;

Become aware of your own heart and then when you are aware of it (whatever that may be for you) then become aware of their heart and how that feels. Then feel the connection between your hearts. Become aware of the inseperable bond that really lies beneath all the bullshit that you think that you care about in everyday life. YOU dont really care about all that stuff – only your ego does and your ego is keeping you trapped in pain and hanging on┬áto hope. Don’t waste your life hanging off the thoughts and words of others. Instead feel the incredible bond you share with others one by one every day even when they are not around.




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