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Being honest with yourself!

For my first post I want to start off by talking about facing ourselves. This can be in any way but we just need to be honest with ourselves as to what is going on inside of ourselves. Here is the issue most of the time we don’t even want to admit that what we are doing is potentially harmful to ourselves and others! For example those with a food addiction will walk out of the house knowing to themselves that they are really off to Morrisons to binge on junk food whilst pretending to themselves that they are just going out for some fresh air! Later this will make the blow less bitter – I guess it just kind of happened lol!

We do this to ourselves all the time and the principal cause is lack of awareness. Awareness is the solution to all our problems. Things start and end with awareness. Awareness might be the first and only step we need. True awareness is honesty, when we are being honest to ourselves about what our true intention is it promotes self peace, but we need to face our stuff with honesty first and surrender. This is amazing! This is all we really need in life, and the rest will follow as your consiousness evolves. If you are reading this (and this is resonating with you) I suggest that you stop lying to yourself and start treating yourself with some self compassion. Only then will your true heart shine 🙂

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