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Compassion as a way of life

I want to write about something that is quite dear to my heart. This is the nature of compassion and how this calms the mind. The nature of compassion is the elixir of life. To be able to feel what another feels is what keeps you alive and where you want to keep your focus constantly. The best quote from a course in miracles that Jesus wrote through Helen Schuchman is;

‘The only appropriate response is compassion’

I want to talk about how we can be more compassionate starting today. If we can start always by having compassion for ourselves then we can more easily feel this for other people when we come into their presence because we know the nature of suffering within our self. By having compassion for ourselves we know ourselves and will naturally have strong but considerate values. Compassion makes us feel strong, and gives us the right amount of hope as we come into the present moment. It is the most positive and noble feeling a human being can experience and not a negative one of weakness as some people seem to think, even ‘spiritual’ people have resistance to it. This is the delusion of society that keeps is trapped in 3rd dimensional consciousness. By giving to others you become stronger yourself and it is the ultimate and quickest form of spiritual growth.

What do you feel for other people? Are you aware? Do you even know or are you so stuck in your own problems that other people haven’t even bared a thought for them. This is to be cut off from the throb of the cosmos.

Re- establish yourself now by facing yourself. Face yourself in full intensity and be honest with what you see. Only then will you have the capacity to love to your fullest in this life. What will you look back upon on your life and say when you are nearing your end. Will you look back and say that you lived a life of love?

Look at yourself in the mirror and see if you can stare deeply into your eyes for long periods. This reveals a lot about you and your state of self love. If you find this uncomfortable stick with it until you can look at yourself with transparency. This exercise will gain you to know your soul more than any other. In the meanwhile have compassion while you get to know all the insecure and needy parts of yourself. Love them and embrace them softly as they come up like you are looking at a gentle and vulnerable child in the mirror. You are. Encourage everyone you meet to trust you by looking at them directly in the eyes and holding eye contact. This says a lot about you. Look at them like you are looking at yourself and imagine you know them as deeply as you know yourself. Imagine you are looking in the mirror still if you need. Compassion spreads like wildfire and is a soft gentle form of love that holds so much power. The power to trust. The power to say lets drop our silly little selves and be real. Let’s forget the pain of the past and let’s join in the bliss of this moment and put our vulnerability in each other’s hands. Let’s really trust. This is the energy of love that is now coming into the planet.

When you can hold compassion throughout the day you are never far away from your soul and from the self knowledge and wisdom it entails. Imagine yourself knowing everything. If you know other people you do know everything. They are the window to all the universal knowledge that you require. If you dream of special powers still then it is a sign your ego is still in charge. Drop it by connecting to life itself. Drop it by connecting to people.

Also spend time in nature becoming aware of the nature of compassion. Become aware of how compassion is the interwoven fabric of everything and how it flows and ebbs between all of life. See it in the flower, in the wind in the sun beaming through the trees on a misty summers evening. Feel it in the cobweb of a spider. Feel it all, and feel this same magic within yourself. Feel it’s flow as well as its soft, peaceful and blissful nature. Connecting with nature should be the norm in society not the exception.

Where do you see yourself going next? No matter where you go whether it be the hardest Rio de Janeiro slum or the dirtiest inner city area compassion will never be far away from its brick walls. To love is the most human thing we can possibly be capable of so why be scared of it? Embrace it and feel it and allow yourself to enjoy being soft once more so you can help others into this state.

Feel yourself be transformed every day and every night. Make this the year of transformation where you loved more than any other. How do we love? We love by accessing compassion and seeing it around us in ever circumstance but mostly in ourselves in every moment we exist. There is no moment to ever feel tired of life. Feel that magic around you at all times.

See if you can become aware of your compassionate heart chakra that sits in the centre of your chest just underneath the Thymus gland. Feel it’s power of immunity and the body come to life as you feel compassion. Compassion gives you immunity and good health.

Look at someone you don’t know and say; I love you inside and notice how they open their heart to you. Now you know the power of thoughts and sending wishing compassionate energy to another. Be aware of this energy you hold for good and for negative effect and vow only to let love in and through you. Let your mind calm in the bliss of your heart.

One last thing to say we are now coming into an age where helping others is going to be the cornerstone of how we work. Smooth natural and non manipulative energy flow is how we are shaping the future. Let’s all create this wonderful reality together in the timeless now.

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