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Cultivating chi in your life

This is related to people and our most fundamental flow of energy in life that we call chi or ‘chi flow’.

We all have a special type of force in our life. This force is at our command and we can learn to cultivate it or completely waste it. This energy is called chi. Chi is movement of energy. It comes from our source energy or from stillness. We are stillness, We are source energy, the universe is source energy. Stillness turns into chi and then chi returns to stillness. This is the constant way everything flows from yourself to the galaxies to the whole universe.

We need to keep our chi flowing as much as possible in life. Stagnation will cause physical problems and emotional problems. Chi is so related to our relationships with others and this is why others are so important in our life. They literally keep us alive. Without constant interaction with others our chi will stagnate and cause problems. One of the ways that we can do this is to give what it is that we want to recieve and give it with love. Then allow yourself to receive IF they want to give back. They have no obligation but if they do, you do not want to be solid and tense physically when this recieving is going on. Imagine it like a circle of energy in which it is flowing in back, in a circle and around between you in nice gentle ways. You don’t have to know the exact flow of this energy but just feel and know that it is just right and is fluid, flexible and loving and increasing the interaction between you,¬†increasing the backwards and forwards flow of chi energy between you.

Keep practising this with everyone you meet until it becomes natural and you can actually start to feel the flows of energy between you. This may take months or even years but it is a worthy goal. To feel chi is to feel life itself and to master chi is to master life itself. Others are our biggest test but they are also our biggest opportunity. The opportunity to love and grow and be better people. Don’t let your life go by without feeling what its like to truly feel what it means to connect with others. Keep your heart soft, keep your heart pure and keep your chi moving in soft, peaceful, loving¬†and gentle ways when interacting with others. This is the key to life. Trust yourself and love til your last day. Keep your spirit alive.

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