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I cannot recommend Mark Williams enough...

Mark Williams created a Mark Williams Reiki Healer competition on 28th November offering a free Reiki taster session for the first person to comment, and being the first to do so, I won this amazing prize. I’d been struggling with some work issues and found myself in a negative cycle which started to have a detrimental impact on my wellbeing. Mark was warm and welcoming during the consultation where he asked various poignant questions surrounding my current situation. During the initial start to the healing I found I was conscious of my breathing and unable to relax however after a short while I was able to use my breathing as a way to unwind. At points I could feel the energy and pressure on my body which was unexplainable as there isn’t any contact. There was a point where I was overwhelmed with a surge of energy as it travelled through my body and I began to feel free from some of those struggles. My advice would be to anyone considering this treatment to be as honest and open as you can to help support Mark in his healing. I cannot recommend Mark Williams enough. *****
Mark Edward Ford – Graphic Designer at Shared Space

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