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Keeping up your strength in life

There is so much demanded of us these days. Society likes to put pressure on us. To be the best, to compete with others and to be victorious or to feel like a failure!

But did you learn any of these values yourself?

Did you agree to any of them at any time? When?

The answer most of the time is that we never consiously decide  to anything that is ‘forced’ upon. This is not to get mad at this just realise that your life has been shaped by a lot of forces that were not your own.

So how do we take back more control? How do we keep going and keep feeling our strength getting stronger and stronger rather than being taken away from us.

We step into our strength.

How do we step into our strength?

By doing the following reccomended exercises and bearing them in mind at all times. In brief;

  1. Step into your personal power today. Develop personal power.
  2. Know your limits and pace yourself.
  3. Live in thr present moment. Simplify
  4. Treat yourself with control. Enjoy self control and realise there is freedom in it.
  5. Develop a mantra

While not all of these are related to society having mislead and taking away our power the core essence of what I am saying relates to this point. Why? Because we cant feel strong if we know that the power is outside of us and we cant feel strong unless we do something about it. So the first step is developing responsibility so that we can take action. Develop this in yourself by simply realising that if YOU don’t decide what you want for your life someone else will (and they will do a good job of it). And if that’s not enough to motivate you then ask yourself motivating questions like

Do you like being a slave to the system?

Do you like not living your life?

If these questions don’t motivate you then nothing will, you need to find a new purpose in life!

Ok so now you have taken responsibility the next thing to do is take massive action. Take as much action as you can and notice what is working and what is not, then modify your approach until you make it. This is what we call stepping into your personal Power and is something you develop with time and ‘work’. It is true that our thoughts create our reality and that on some level all you need to do is ‘think right’ and everything will come to you but this is something we need to develop with time and we cant nor should not rely on it. Notice just where you are with this but always be motivated and always realise that action and our ability to take action are the keys that will set us free. Personal power is the key.

The second thing that we need to step into our strength is to know our limits and pace ourselves (whilst slowly pushing our comfort zones with time so that we can achieve more in the long run). Fundamentally we need to pace ourselves first though and have enough vision to see where this expenditure of energy is taking us before we reach ‘burnout’. We want to live in the present moment but we need to have enough vision to know how much longer we can go on at this pace.

How strong is our body?

How much endurance is in our body?

How much energy do we have?

Get to know yourself and your body and learn from your mistakes. Be cautious about over exertion – it is the most common challenge on the road to self realisation.

Also when we have gained confidence that we are living our lives at the right pace then we will actually have more confidence in our actions and will put more energy and action into our action.

Point number 3. We need to live in the present moment. What this means is that whenever things start to feel ‘too much’ or we feel stressed out it is a sure sign that we are not focusing on what we are doing in this very moment. You are focusing on the million and one things you could be doing and the possible outcomes. Focus on the one thing you can do now that will really make a difference. It is likely that this is a ‘small’ action. Small actions create giant steps and we need to have patience in every moment whilst taking these small actions, knowing that everything will turn out as it should.

Point 4 Treat yourself with control. Enjoy self control and realise there is freedom in it. What this means is that if you are going to ‘treat’ yourself in life whether it be to that ice cream or to that all you can eat buffet then do so with self control (notice that I am not talking about ‘addictions’ here that is something different). Realise that self control is the key to freedom and when you realise this then you can enjoy life more. You will only continue to be disappointed in yourself if you fail to exercise self control in life and continue to make the same mistakes over and over again! You gain freedom by realising that freedom has to be worked at. No one ever gained freedom by being lazy and just attracting what they wanted into their life with their thoughts – it rarely happens on its own.

Enjoy self control. Feel and e njoy the challenge in it. Enjoy the uncertainty. Step into it.

Lastly develop a mantra. Say an affirmation like I am strong powerful and fully confident to yourself when you can. But know when to shut up and take massive action. Like I said you do not get to where you want by only using the law of attraction like many personal development ‘junkies’. Massive action is the key. Personal power is the key!

Hope these 5 point go on to make a difference in your life as they are in mine. Go out and take it on!



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