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Mark diagnosed the nature of the problem straight away when mainstream medicine could not...

‘I asked Mark Williams for advice as I was suffering from persistent upper right quadrant pain and had been for two years. Mainstream medicine could not find anything wrong and I underwent various scans of one description or another all with no result. I felt that doctors were wondering whether I was making it up about the pain and I felt very misunderstood which is why I approached Mark.

Mark was wonderful , not only in understanding of the problem but also in the way that he dealt with me.

Firstly Mark was very interested in my symptoms and took me seriously. I felt that, at last, I was speaking to someone who knew what I was talking about and was taking the time to get to the bottom of it. He was also sympathetic.

Secondly Mark diagnosed the nature of the problem straight away which was the presence of gallstones in the gallbladder and also the liver and that I had a weak digestion. Everything Mark said about the diagnosis was spot on.

Thirdly, Mark very quickly gave me a solution to the problem which was an assortment of behavioural and dietary changes – again spot on. He also not only recommended liver flushes but gave advice as to how to maximize their effectiveness.

Fourthly, Mark offered to treat me personally and made himself immediately available. As well as writing to me with advice as to how to solve things Mark called me and advised me in detail about the way forward.

Fifthly – Mark gave me some excellent references and links to videos to assist me which have come in very useful.

I felt that Mark has not only taken a hands on approach to treating me but also had done his best to assist me remotely when I was unable to travel to see him.

Carol Macrae-Todd – Lawyer

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