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How to inject Personal Power in your life

What is personal power and why am I so adamant to talk about it??

Where does the confusion with personal power lie?

Personal power is the ability to take ‘right action’ in any situation. Right action is the ability to take the action that you know is right in the depth of your heart. It is the action that you know is right for you and will make you happy. Whatever makes you happy WILL make others happy. When you are happy, others are at their happiest. When you are your best self then others are their best self too. When you are your best self then other people will be free to bring out their best selves and become ‘free’ in the process. People will test you first to see how strong you believe in your own joy though. Bring it on!

People try and manipulate you, we might as well accept this. When they see that they have no power to and that you still have the ability to act and be truly yourself and be happy they will come around and show you some genuinity. They will leave their ego to one side and be real with you and start bringing out their own true self and best personality always from that point on. When they try and test you and you still have your own confidence and sense of personal power they will accept it and ‘leave you alone’ knowing you are a person with personal power. They will then become your friend and become ‘free’ in the process. Free because now they have the ability to express themslves in the same way, to be truly themselves without judgement, to express themselves beautifully and freely.

The key to this is that you ‘do’ your personal power in a fair way and not try to control others. Always bear in mind that you are doing this for the highest good for them and for you. You are doing it to free you both. You are doing it because anything else is less than who you are. We all have a right to express ourselves freely and be who we are. To be creative and fun and to be truly ourselves in any situation. This is who we are. So be fair, keep calm and keep demonstrating personal power whatever and keep taking action, keep being yourself. If this situation doesnt work out with this person use your personal power to take action and relate to someone else or do something else.

If this seems superficial then know this. Without going through this superficial ‘part’ first your relationship will continue to be superficial for much longer and you will start to resent not truly being able to be your best self around them. The relationship will then continue to disintegrate and go from bad to worse. All this depends on your ability to demonstrate to people ‘calmly’ that you will no longer be taken for a ride and you are a good person that has both of yours interests at heart. Remember you are doing this for both of your freedom, so that you can relate to each other and really be yourself. This is the key.

So practice this for a while and see the difference it makes in your life.

Note that this will be such a dramatic turn around in thinking that it may feel very uncomfortable at first. But stick with it and have personal power as the long term goal. However the reality of personal power is that you can have it right now at any time. You do it now or not at all. You do it fully or not at all so keep practicing and people will eventually see and realise that you have a positive goal for them as well and that you are a person to be respected.

Personal power is like a muscle and when we exercise it bit by bit every day it grows and with time you will become a confident person and a happy person because you will realise that nothing anyone ever does to me has the power to hurt or affect me because my personal power is always there. My ability to take action is always there and my ability to make new choices is always there.

So start today and see the injection of joy that personal power can put into your life!






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