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Watching what you think at all times

Hi people. Today I want to talk about watching what you think at all times.

We take our minds for granted. The longer we do this the more we suffer for sure.

We need to be able to direct our minds to what our inner purposes are. If we are living a life that is off track with what we really want inside then we will feel bad. If we live a life that is on track with what we really want we feel good. The first step is always learning to unlock the access to the mind. Finding the key to our minds so to speak. We do this through constant observation.

When we are able to gain access to the power our minds through observation we can start to flow from thought to thought and situation to situation smoothly instead of feeling like it is such a struggle all the time. So at first we just practice observing. We observe the nature of our thoughts, how often our mind is truly at peace and the natural negativity within our minds…. Then when we become aware of this we allow our mind to slowly start creating in the direction that we want. We dont force anything. We keep giving soft guiding and trusting thoughts without pushing our thoughts through gritted teeth! Kind of like driving a car! When we turn the steering wheel we dont force it but we gently and consistently turn it as we respond to life (or the road in this case). At all times the engine or the awareness in our case is the power that makes this gentle guidance of the steering wheel possible. This is why we dont need to force.

Sure enough there will be times where we need to take massive action to get things done, become motivated and so forth but even this when done with an awareness that is effortless and just happens without thought. Keep being aware, and then keep gently guiding your thoughts back to what you want, and what you are going to do next. Stay in the present moment. Awareness is always the key. Feel that sense of power within and trust in your path. Trust all is right and trust that everything will always work out the way it is supposed to anyway.

We can’t fail but win in life. Life is consistently a moment of winnings. Every moment is a gift and every moment we can see the good in something.

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