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Ways to get into the heart

If there’s one thing that helps us become present it’s coming into contact with your heart. In simple terms this means knowing the heart.

How can we feel the most powerful energy in the universe? How can we feel this source of creation and ultimate knowing in every moment?

There is no right answer to this. There is only finding YOUR way to the heart.

What is your inspiration in life? This is a start and will help you find that real joy as you go into life.

Passion is always important as a starting point and will help you on your path to the very deepest parts of your heart. Bring out the passion into life, work on the heart. From outer passion to inward work on the heart. This is the cycle and one leads to the other, and back again. The cycle continues and deepens. This is how to live one’s life at the very deepest level.

How do we find passion? Be honest with yourself – what are you denying yourself? Another clue is in how peaceful it makes you feel as you think about it. If it makes you feel peace within that’s a clue. Does joy come from this peace?

Another way is to try lots of new things and get out there and live your life. Uncertainty and variety make your life BUT stillness is needed or it becomes meaningless. This is where we come back to the inward work on the heart.

Inward work on the heart means meditation on love. How do we meditate on love? By allowing yourself to meditate on it in whatever form you like. Love does not need restriction and so to give yourself rules will not let it grow. Be free, go where you want in the meditation. What do you love? All love merges into one so keep meditating on love and there you will find the deepest heart of love.  There you will find the truth.

Other things that you can do to expand your heart are the following: (these may seem like crazy methods but go for it!)

  • Breathe in universal love into the heart. Stick with this. Be patient. What does it feel like? Breathe it down into all areas and limbs of the body until you are love.
  • Call love into the room. Try this.
  • Say the Ah mantra over and over again and feel your heart expand. Watch a you tube video on this to get the sound.
  • Put your hand over your heart and your other hand over your navel and say ‘I am love’. Keep saying this and meditate on the feeling.
  • Put your hand over your heart and your other hand over your navel and say ‘I connect with me’. Keep feeling this and meditate on the feeling of self-love.
  • Spend time next to trees and in nature.
  • Keep saying thank you as you go about your life. Say thank you for the beauty in a leaf or the summer’s glow of a flower as you focus in. See the beauty in everything and you will see the love that you are. This is the quickest way out of fear and into love. What do you love about a certain person? What is beautiful? What do you appreciate? See that beauty. See beauty everywhere and in everything. Spread that love. Be that love.
  • Lastly be kind to yourself. Let yourself off the hook.

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