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Hi my name is Mark Williams and I am a Life Coach and Reiki healer who practices mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP – the science of success. What do I help with? I help with 1) Clearing Anxiety 2) Removing pain 3) Helping you find your true life purpose and fulfill your goals. How do I do this? Although I use many techniques, the essence of my work is helping you find the love deep inside you.

Please let me tell you my story:

Ever since I was very little I have had this profound feeling that there was more meaning to life than what I was seeing every day in the world around me. I also felt that I could be, or grow to be more than what I felt (or what the world seemed to be telling me!). I could sense that there was a mystery to life waiting to be unfolded to me. However, as we all know, life doesn’t always reveal itself to you in full splendour. For most of us we stumble, fall, trip and fall flat before we ever learn to discover who we are.

One emotion that was challenging when I was younger was frustration. The reason for my frustration was lack of understanding about what was really important in life.  Once I learned what was important and how to calm negative emotions like frustration through mindfulness I started to make my life work better and relate successfully to others.

Admittedly, when I was young I did not feel valued. Also, I felt a lack of real understanding of my self, which as a child leads to feeling miserable and hopeless without feeling there is much to remedy it. I felt I did not fully fit in with life without knowing why. All is these things led to a sense of unease in life and a continuous feeling of emotional lack.

All I knew was that I wanted to be good person, a better person somehow and achieve something that would live on after I die. We all sense we are here for a deeper reason, whatever that reason may be.

These themes largely continued on into adolescence and beyond. In adolescence I felt quite alone and vulnerable, even though for some periods I had a lot of friends. I was beginning to realize we don’t know anything what we think we do. How could the human race be so unintelligent and ignorant to so many things around them – most of all themselves? How could we fail to not be our best self? How could we feel so close to each other but yet feel so alien at the same time? These were questions that I was genuinely interested in finding out the answers to!

In 6th form I learned how to hold myself better and make the most of my confidence and personality. This was largely due to discovering a life coach’s tape programme that finally seemed to make the world make sense! Suddenly my life seemed to have direction. This subsequently was lost at university amongst alcohol and social influence, causing me to feel more frustrated and lost than ever. Again I questioned deeper – who was I? Why was I here? I literally felt unsure of my reason for existence.

Ever since my days in 6th form I have thrown myself into all types of personal development material and spirituality. For many years I never seemed to progress and often seemed to go round in circles with personal development and spirituality. Or, I seemed to skip from technique to technique unable to really consistently use what was important. This meant that after much heartache and frustration, I eventually learnt the hard way through experience. I learnt what was important in life and what was not, what works and what does not.

I have found learning difficult my whole life, meaning that I have had to be really creative in learning a lot of these techniques in order to master them.

When I was 24, I went away travelling across the world and came back with an intrepid fear and anxiety that would stay with me for 4 years before I got through it. This was maybe the hardest period of my life and is one of the reasons I absolutely love to help people overcome anxiety/ mood disorders and succeed generally! This is what forged me from the depths of despair, to my greatest growth and feeling of love yet. I finally started to feel a greater belonging to life and the universe around me.

Since then I have had many challenges and I have learnt to overcome them, but my greatest challenge that I have overcome is learning to master my own emotions and in particular persistent anxiety.

Throughout growing up I have never stopped asking questions and never stopped learning. My hunger for learning is something that has helped me as a person and this I use to help others.


I also found that I was able to be far more discerning about my life and the decisions I made. This meant I could actually live with more love in the present moment giving me a new sense of freedom.

These are the main things I have learned:

  1. That grim determination will only get you so far. What’s really needed is to find your passion and your reason for being alive inside and then connect to it daily.
  2. That we cannot ignore our service to our fellow men and women. We need to help them and bring them along every step of the way, whatever line of service, or area of work we are in.
  3. That we all have the ability to touch other people’s souls. Even if we feel bad ourselves.
  4. That we all can live in a state of almost continuous awareness. This will bring us the peace and clarity to succeed, simply because we feel at ease ourselves.
  5. That it’s ok to not know why and ask for help. Growth is a basic human need and if you keep being honest and keep speaking out about the situation, it will always resolve itself.
  6. That we need to be honest with ourselves before change is possible.
  7. That we need to belong and feel that incredible sense of belonging to others and the human race.

These are just some of the things I learnt plus many more. We live in a world of unlimited possibilities. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about me or the services I offer. Please get in touch  if you would like to overcome any anxiety or mood disorder and/ or discover your unlimited potential.

With love, Mark

Please see my treatments section for more information about the services I offer.

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